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The Dream Came True!

In the early 1990’s, many Chicopee city residents felt that though the grand old library in Market Square had served the city well for nearly 100 years, it was drastically deficient by today’s standards, and so it was time for a new facility. The Friends of the Chicopee Public Library incorporated in 1996 with the initial goal of creating a new library in the city, and after many years of tireless work and selfless efforts made by many citizens, the vision/dream finally became a reality. Since the new library was built, the Friends’ goal has been to support the library programs, services and wish list extras not covered by the operating budget, by providing the library staff with financial support made available from membership dues and the many fund raising efforts and events run by the group. 


Like many philanthropic organizations big and small, the Friends of the Chicopee Library is lead by a small group of very enthusiastic altruistic, public-spirited people who have given generously of their time, talents and in many instances, their own personal funds, for the betterment of a worthy cause they feel quite impassioned about. If you would like to join the Friends and participate in their on-going efforts, please contact the office today !!

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